Current Projects

DRD4 Repeats

Lead Investigators: Zeb Haradon, Michal Galdzicki, Ph.D.

Contact Info:

The Dopamine Receptor D4 (DRD4) gene contains a segment 48 base pairs long, which repeats between 2 and 11 times, depending on the individual. Some studies have shown particular phenotypes, or traits, in people who have exactly 7 repeats. Such people may exhibit characteristics such as a novelty seeking personality, susceptibility to ADHD, longevity, a nomadic lifestyle, and other traits.

This project will test how many copies of the repeating segment each subject has. A segment of DNA containing the repeating region will be isolated and amplified using Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR), then the segment will be weighed using gel electrophoresis. The results of the electrophoresis should give an estimate of the length of the isolated segment, which will indicate how many copies of the repeating region the subject has within it.

Developing Microbiology Model Protocols

Lead Investigator: Sandlin Seguin, Ph.D.

Contact Info:

Lactobacillus is the bacteria that is cultured in yogurt, and it is a great model for DIYBiologists. I will be developing protocols, media recipes, and equipment for HiveBio to grow lactobacillus. After this, we can start to use this bacteria for other molecular biology techniques, like cloning and simple genetics. My hope is to develop these techniques for use in HiveBio classes, and I am very interested in working with others on this project.


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