Gary Myles’ Intellectual Property Discussion Series, Part 2

Stay tuned for our second event in a series of discussions involving intellectual property and biology. Conducting your own experiments using new molecular and genetic technologies in a citizen science environment seems innocent, but it may have legal implications, especially if it involves commercialization.

Gary Myles, Ph.D. and attorney at law will give a lecture and host a discussion about the Supreme Court’s Decision on the Association for Molecular Pathology vs Myriad Genetics, Inc case. In this ruling it was decided that isolated DNA Continue reading


Gaming for a Cure? Proteins and Problem Solving Workshop

What do gaming and science have to do with curing HIV/AIDS and Cancer? Perhaps more than you’d think! With a growing knowledge of how atoms of molecules interact, many experiments involving proteins can be conducted “in silico.” In other words, these scientific puzzles can be worked on using Continue reading

Photos from our new Digital Microscopes!

HiveBio would like to thank the participants of our first DIY Digital Microscope workshop! We successfully turned 9 participants’ smartphones and 1 flip phone into digital microscopes by assembling a stand using wood, plexiglass, a few bolts, and securing the lens from a laser pointer into this assembly. The aparatus is light-weight, easy to take around with you, and has a convenient staging area for placing slides and random items to view.

Drilling and assembling the stands.

Drilling and assembling the stands.

These stands can be stored easily at home, and taken out whenever you want to look at something up close! They are great for general curiosity, and children will love exploring up close – bugs, leaves, food – you name it! The best part is being able to take photos and video using the smartphone’s digital camera. What will you do with your photos? Put them on your website? Turn them into holiday cards?

Check out our photo page to see some photos of the assembly and use of these Digital Microscope conversion stands!

Intellectual Property – What YOU Need to Know to Protect Your Work

Calling all Scientists, Engineers, Artists and Innovators!


Intellectual Property 101
Gary Myles PhD, Attorney at Law   
Wednesday November 13 @ 7pm
HiveBio Community Lab


Are Intellectual Property rights at your workplace a barrier between you and your million dollar idea? Ever wanted to patent your own ideas but have no idea where to start? Continue reading

Life Sciences Research Weekend

Looking for a fun and geeky way to spend the weekend? The Life Sciences Research Weekend will continue this Saturday November 2nd and Sunday the 3rd from 10am until 6pm at the Pacific Science Center in downtown Seattle! Watch crazy science demonstrations and learn about the world of life sciences from Researchers at the University of Washington and Biotech Companies in the greater Seattle area!

Study hard, then bring your wild and creative ideas to HiveBio’s next open discussion Tuesday November 5th from 7-9pm.

If you just can’t get away from the lab this weekend, HiveBio’s Open Lab Hours are as follows:

Saturday November 2:  EDIT: Closed due to power outage

Sunday November 3:    12pm – 4pm

Tours of the lab are open to everyone – become a member – or sign up for a Science Class!

HiveBio Halloween Fundraiser!

Please join us October 31st, 2013 for food, games and celebration! We’ll have a few spooky surprises up our sleeves. We’ll have a costume contest, mummy wrap, games and more! This is a family friendly event, so feel free to bring the kids around for some tricks and treats!

7pm-10pm, suggested $5 donation.

Become a HiveBio Community Lab Member!

Becoming a member of HiveBio Community Lab has never been easier! Go to our Become a Member page, select your membership option, and pay directly online! In-lab credit card options will be available in the next few days! Email with any membership or payment questions.

See you in the lab!

This weekend’s Open Lab Hours:

Saturday October 26:   12pm – 8pm

Sunday October 27:   11am – 1pm

HiveBio Community Lab Open Lab Hours & Events

Tonight we are celebrating the Grand Opening of HiveBio’s laboratory space. What does that mean for current and prospective members?

Our lab will be open for general use on weekends and most week nights. You can purchase a monthly membership, or pay the drop-in fee to use the facilities. All projects must be approved by the Science Safety and Ethics Committee. Please submit a project proposal form so we can provide feedback as soon as possible. A waiver must be signed to utilize the lab facilities, and safety protocols must be strictly followed.

Invite your friends to stop by during our Open Lab hours to have a tour of the lab and find out about our educational programs and resources.

Our Tuesday Night Discussion Group that normally would meet every two weeks at Kaladi Brothers Coffee will now be held in one of the meeting rooms at HiveBio, Building G of the Talaris Center. Our first meeting will be this coming Tuesday night at 7pm. Discussion groups are open to the public and a waiver is not required to participate.

This Weekend’s Open Lab Hours

Saturday October 19:             12pm – 8pm

Sunday October 20:               11am – 3pm

Upcoming Classes and Events

Monday Night Book Club:                  October 21, 7:30pm – 9pm

Tuesday Night Discussion Group:      October 22, 7pm – 9pm

Intro To Biotech (Class):                     October 26, 1pm – 4pm