Whether you are a total novice who just wants to try your hands, or an accomplished scientist looking to explore something new, classes are a great way to get started in the HiveBio Community. Classes are $15 to non members + material fees.

Upcoming Class Schedule – Register for Classes Here

Class Descriptions:

Basics of Biology Lab

Sandlin Seguin, Ph.D. will lead an introductory workshop that will teach beginners how to use pipettes, pipetmen, scales and pH probes. If you are unfamiliar with biology labs, this class will give you the basic skills to participate in our other lab based classes.

If you miss it, we will be running this class semi-regularly, just send us a request to let us know you are interested!

Basics of Molecular Biology

An introduction into some basic processes of molecular biology. This entry level class covers DNA isolation, Gel electrophoresis and PCR processes.

Intellectual Property 101

Gary Myles, Ph.D. and Attorney at Law will give a lecture on intellectual property rights, and why you might want to innovate in a separate space from your employer.

Discussion of the Association for Molecular Pathology v. Myriad Genetics, Inc. Decision

Gary Myles, Ph.D. and Attorney at Law will give a lecture and lead discussion about this important supreme court ruling that found that human genes could not be patented.

Smartphone to Digital Microscope Workshop

In this workshop, we will be assembling the $10 microscope based on this instructable and a camera phone. These scopes should give us 175X magnification.

You can either bring your own materials, or buy a materials kit from HiveBio. You will need your own smartphone camera to put on the scope. It is possible to use any phone with a camera feature, but will require you to get creative when securing it onto the stand!

Feel free to bring interesting stuff to examine under your new microscope.

Brain Dissection

Co-Founder Bergen McMurray will lead a dissection of sheep brains, exploring the macro structures of the brain. This class is great for those who have an interest in neuroscience, or just want to try getting their hands dirty in lab.

Students under 18 are welcome, but they must have a parent present. Parents, we won’t order a brain for you unless you register as well. Brains are preserved in Carosafe, an odorless fluid designed to minimize the unpleasant odor of formaldehyde. Students will use razor blades to open up the brain, so please consider these safety issues before registering a child.

In order to acquire the materials for this class, pre-registration is required.

Introduction to Microscopy

Cort Bouldin, Ph.D. will lead a workshop on the basics of microscopy and imaging. Get view of the microscopic world of developmental biology, and learn how to capture and manage microscopy images using the NIH’s free image processing software, ImageJ.

Introduction to Proteins with Foldit

Jeremy Mills, Ph.D. will give a lecture on the basics of proteins — the fundamental units of action in biological systems.  The computational protein modeling tool Foldit ( will be used to both assist in the discussion as well as provide hands on experiences with 3D representations of these amazing molecules. Please bring your own laptop with Foldit installed if you would like.

Group Sessions

Most of our classes can be individually scheduled to accommodate groups. If you have a group of 10 people interested in any of our classes, including the Smartphone to Digital Microscope Workshop, Basics of Biology, or Brain Dissection, contact us to set up group rates and times. Don’t have 10? We may still be able to accommodate your group.

Contact to set up group sessions


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