Upcoming Class Schedule

Whether you are a total novice who just wants to try your hands, or an accomplished scientist looking to explore something new, classes are a great way to get started in the HiveBio Community. Classes are $15 to non members + material fees.

Here is our current listing of classes:

Reschedule TBD, 1pm Lecture by Dr. Azra Suko: A sweet solution to fuel troubles

With the inevitable depletion of the world’s oil supply, there has been an increasing worldwide interest in finding new renewable and biobased energy sources. Lignocellulosic materials such as agricultural residues, forestry, municipal wastes and other low-cost biomasses are an abundant and renewable source of sugar substrate that could be fermented to biofuels and biochemicals.

Dr. Azra Suko, a graduate of the University of Washington Biofuels and Bioproducts Laboratory, will present a lecture titled A Sweet Solution to Fuel Troubles, and will be available for questions and discussion on these topics. Dr. Suko is an expert in the production of biofuels and biochemicals via fermentation process, and holds a patent and three recent publications about biofuels and biochemicals.

January 25, 1 pm Introduction to Microscopy

Cort Bouldin, Ph.D. will lead a workshop on the basics of microscopy and imaging. Get a view of the microscopic world of developmental biology, and learn how to capture and manage microscopy images using the NIH’s free image processing software, ImageJ.

Dr. Bouldin is a developmental biologist who uses zebrafish to study how humans develop. In this workshop, he will share samples of his work, giving students a chance to learn about developmental biology generally, and specifically how to view specimens via a light microscope. Dr. Bouldin will share his research, as well demonstrate how time lapse photography can be used in research.

In this class, we will be using the cell phone microscopes that have been built in previous workshops. If you have one you want to bring, that’s great. Otherwise, we will provide microscopes for students.

Registration is now closed

TBD January, Discussion of the Association for Molecular Pathology v. Myriad Genetics, Inc. Decision

Gary Myles, Ph.D. and Attorney at Law will give a lecture and lead discussion about this important supreme court ruling that found that human genes could not be patented.

Group Sessions

Most of our classes can be individually scheduled to accommodate groups. If you have a group of 10 people interested in any of our classes, including the Smartphone to Digital Microscope Workshop, Basics of Biology, or Brain Dissection, contact us to set up group rates and times. Don’t have 10? We may still be able to accommodate your group.

Contact HiveBio@gmail.com to set up group sessions

Previous Classes

October 27, 2013 – Basics of Biology Lab

November 13, 2013 – Introduction to Intellectual Property

November 17, 2013 – Smartphone to Digital Microscope Workshop

December 7, 2013 – Introduction to Proteins with FoldIt

January 18th, 2014 – Sheep Brain Dissection

11 thoughts on “Upcoming Class Schedule

  1. We are very interested in your program. How many students can you host at one session? Most of our students are AP biology level & AP Chem level high school kids who are really crazy about biomedical engineering.

    • Thanks for your interest Charisa! We’re estimating that our classes can fit 10-15 students. We’d love to have you and your students visit our lab. We hope to see you at the opening!

    • Hi Charisa, these workshops are designed to be lead by an instructor, to give you a chance to learn some specific skills or subject. In fact, I’m teaching the first workshop. I hope to see you there!

    • I am looking for classes you might offer to kids ages 10-13 starting in January. Would love if you could give an age range when you post a class if appropriate. Thanks

      • Hi MaryEllen. The way our classes are presented is not geared specifically for children, but many children are capable of learning about basic biology concepts and using lab instruments. It is up to parents’ discretion what their children are capable of doing and learning. We have non-toxic materials in the lab but it is ultimately a parent’s responsibility for their child’s safety. At this time, children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult so they can sign a safety waiver. If you have any other questions please email HiveBio@gmail.com or visit us between 7:30-10pm tomorrow, December 9th for an Informational Open House. We look forward to meeting you.

    • Hi Stephanie – We will be holding the Basics of Biology class on a regular basis. Our next class will be at some point in January. As soon as registration opens for this class we will post it on the website. Please keep checking our Calendar and Upcoming Classes pages for updates. We will announce this on our mailing list as well, which you can access through the Calendar of Events page. We are looking forward to having you in class!

      • Thank you! I’d love to have my 16 year old get a taste of it before she has to take it in school. Also, she was wondering if you might have something on parasitology in the future as she has a friend who is crazy interested in parasites.

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