Prospective Member Orientation Monday Dec 9 @ 7:30pm

HiveBio would like to thank everyone for their inquiries! We are excited to see the community in a buzz about signing up for memberships and classes and participating in DIY science!

We will be hosting a Prospective Member Orientation Continue reading


HiveBio Community Lab Open Lab Hours & Events

Tonight we are celebrating the Grand Opening of HiveBio’s laboratory space. What does that mean for current and prospective members?

Our lab will be open for general use on weekends and most week nights. You can purchase a monthly membership, or pay the drop-in fee to use the facilities. All projects must be approved by the Science Safety and Ethics Committee. Please submit a project proposal form so we can provide feedback as soon as possible. A waiver must be signed to utilize the lab facilities, and safety protocols must be strictly followed.

Invite your friends to stop by during our Open Lab hours to have a tour of the lab and find out about our educational programs and resources.

Our Tuesday Night Discussion Group that normally would meet every two weeks at Kaladi Brothers Coffee will now be held in one of the meeting rooms at HiveBio, Building G of the Talaris Center. Our first meeting will be this coming Tuesday night at 7pm. Discussion groups are open to the public and a waiver is not required to participate.

This Weekend’s Open Lab Hours

Saturday October 19:             12pm – 8pm

Sunday October 20:               11am – 3pm

Upcoming Classes and Events

Monday Night Book Club:                  October 21, 7:30pm – 9pm

Tuesday Night Discussion Group:      October 22, 7pm – 9pm

Intro To Biotech (Class):                     October 26, 1pm – 4pm

HiveBio Lab Grand Opening

I’m happy to announce the Grand Opening of the HiveBio Community Laboratory! After much consideration we have decided upon a home for HiveBio. We are located at the Talaris Center just east of the University district with access to bus lines and ample free parking. Our lab is located in the west side of Building G on the south end of campus. We have around 800 square feet, including our research benches, offices and lab supplies. We are surrounded by koi ponds, willow trees, and a sense of serenity, the perfect location to foster creativity and teamwork!

Our address is listed below. Please feel free to share the flyer on social media. We welcome everyone to our Grand Opening regardless of scientific background. Find out what we are all about. The only thing you need to bring is your curiosity!


Join us this Friday, Sept. 20th!

Hello all! I want to invite everyone to a special meetup this Friday, Sept. 20th at Kaladi’s Coffee in Capitol Hill. The meeting will be basically structured like our regular Tuesday meetups but we have the special addition of Ben Welmond and Mary Tsang of DIYsect. Ben and Mary will be filming for their exciting documentary about DIYbio. Come, meet Ben and Mary and enjoy some lively discussion about DIYbio with your fellow PNW citizen scientists! The schedule is as follows:

7:00pm – 7:30pm: Informal meet and greet
7:30pm – 8:00pm: Q and A with Ben, Mary, Bergen and Katriona
8:00pm – 9:00pm: Open discussion of DIYbio and potential projects
The more the merrier, so bring friends and coworkers! See you all there!